Acrylic Plastic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets (Plastic Sheets) are transparent plastic sheets with extremely high tensile strength, optical clarity, and stiffness. These acrylic sheets bond well with adhesives and solvents which makes it easy to thermoform. Plastic acrylic sheets are available in different designs and sizes tailored as per the clients’ requirements. They can be easily cut with a knife or laser and are even easier to join using any super glue. 

Acrylic is much stronger and lighter than glass. It is an excellent resistance to long term exposure of outdoor elements like heat. It consumes fewer efforts when being sawed, routed, drilled, formed, bent and cemented.

Plastic acrylic sheets can be used to replace glass windows. They are also used to make outdoor signs. We provide a wide range of Acrylic sheets in Delhi with different colors, different sizes (e.g. 3mm acrylic sheets). These plastic sheets or plastic boards can be put to use in lighting applications and bending or manipulation into different shapes. 

  • • Easy to Cut and Join
  • • Can be manipulated
  • • Stronger than glass
  • • High optical clarity
  • • Multipurpose

Acrylic is a plastic material which is transparent in nature. It has outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Acrylic sheet is easy to fabricate, bonds well with adhesives and solvents, and is easy to thermoform. It can be used in a broad range of temperatures as it has superior weathering properties compared to compared to glass and several other forms of transparent plastic. 

Acrylic plastic refers to a family of synthetic, or man-made, plastic materials containing one or more derivatives of acrylic acid. The most common acrylic plastic is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which is sold under the brand names of Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex, and Crystallite.

Acrylic is highly durable and impact resistant. In fact under high impact, it does not shatter rather it fractures into large, dull-edged pieces. It is a strong plastic available in a variety of brilliant colors with an amazing combination of clarity and stiffness. 

Acrylic vs Glass:

Acrylic is basically of two types, Extruded or cell cast.

Acrylic sheet exhibits glass-like qualities such as transparency, clarity, stiffness, etc. It is highly preferable over glass because it is half the weight of glass, much lower in price and many times more impact resistant than glass. Lately, glass has been replaced by acrylic sheets because of its astounding properties which stand much above glass.

Polycarbonate Sheets

A polycarbonate sheet is a glass with 250 times more strength. Not only is it stronger than glass but also much stronger than an acrylic sheet. These UV-resistant sheets or polycarbonate panels offer safety that no other clear glazing material can match. It is lightweight and can be fabricated on-site. It does not need to go through the whole process of pre-formation. It requires less structural support and saves time as well as labor costs. Its durability is highly reliable as it offers long life.

Polycarbonate sheets are available in multiple colors, sizes, and thicknesses. It has enormous applications because of its massive strength and variation in availability. Industries including agricultural, automotive, construction, electrical, medical, and security etc use PC sheets in several different ways.

Polycarbonate is an incredibly tough thermoplastic that comes in the form of a transparent sheet. It absorbs minimal moisture which makes it resistant to impact damage as well as corrosion or damage from water. It also has flame-retardance and chemical resistance properties.

  • • Offers great safety
  • • High durability
  • • Much stronger than glass
  • • Extremely lightweight
  • • Enable long term cost savings

Polycarbonate plastic is made of Bisphenol A (BPA). It is a lightweight, high-performance plastic that possesses a unique balance of toughness, dimensional stability, optical clarity, great resistance to heat and an excellent electrical resistance.

Polycarbonate plastics have really a high value for anyone to use. Polycarbonate plastic is moldable, durable, lightweight, flame-resistant, shatterproof, and energy efficient. A single of its finest properties is high impact resistance, that is more than 200 times.

If you have an application where a strong, transparent plastic would serve you well, polycarbonate may be the ideal solution. Its immense strength and flexible designing capability have replaced glass, polycarbonate sheet is more easily molded than glass and is much lighter. It has thus become the topmost choice for manufacturers in a wide range of industries.

Sun Pack Sheets

Sun pack sheets are fabricated sheets composed of polypropylene. These sheets are fabricated using industrial by-products, industrial waste or any other good quality crude material mainly from the plastic industry. 

It is a corrugated sheet usually seen in outdoor advertising boards also known as kiteboard as they can stand all kinds of weather conditions and is available in multiple shapes and sizes. The colors can also vary based on the application or consumers’ requirements. Cutting pieces of these sheets are also put to use in handicrafts and school crafts.

ASC ensures premium quality measures as it follows the best quality practices while choosing crude material used in the making of sun pack sheets which in turn makes or breaks the product.

Sunpack Sheets are corrugated sheet made of polypropylene. They are used in outdoor advertising campaigns and are also known as flute-boards or kite-boards. These sheets are extremely tough and are available at very reasonable prices.

  • • Fabricated
  • • Can be produced from industrial waste
  • • Can be tweaked based on the requirement
  • • Reasonable choice
  • • Available in various colors
  • • Weatherproof

A sunpack sheet is manufactured by the process of fabrication of quality crude materials that come out of industrial waste or industrial by-products. Polypropylene, Polyvinyl chloride or plastic industries in particular release of lot of such waste products which can be fabricated into sunpack sheets while adhering to the standard quality measures. 

They can be put to use in the making of advertising material and large boards. No parking boards or any other visible sign boards are also curated out of these sheets as they can be screen printed with any kind of design. They are much more durable as compared to paper or cardboard which fail when used in the outdoors.

Sunpack sheets display a decent view with an excellent polish and elegant looks. They have long life that can last upto years and are extremely light in weight. 

Sun Board Sheets

A sun board also called foam board is a very strong and feather-light sheet used for mounting of vinyl prints. It consists of three layers – the inner layer is made of polystyrene foam which makes the sheet strong and robust and a layer of white clay-coated paper on each side of it. 

Sun boards are used for printing (vinyl prints), to prototype objects, produce architectural models, store name boards, format printing and to make casting patterns. They can also be used to make game structures, dioramas, partitions, etc. Some modern photographers are also seen using these sun sheets as reflectors in the background for studio lights. These sheets play a vital role in aircraft modeling as well.

 ASC offers a smart range of sun board sheets that can be availed in various attractive colors. These sheets can be easily cut into shapes and applied in industries like Art & Craft, Advertising(Hoardings, Flex boards), Printing, Construction, Decor (Signboards, etc.)

  • • Brilliant finish
  • • Highly robust
  • • Wear and tear-resistant
  • • Non-corrosive
  • • Lightweight
  • • Waterproof

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PP Sheets (Polypropylene Sheets)

PP sheets or polypropylene sheets are polymer sheets with thermoplastic characteristics. It is low moisture, lightweight material with high resistance to chemicals and acids. It does not absorb water base easily and thus can fight acids and resist cracking. The sheets are economical and produce good quality items in various industries. They do not support adhesives but can be welded with simple pieces of equipment.

These plastic sheets make great electrical insulators, so is used by component manufacturers to produce insulated products. It has great performance in the chemical industry and helps in the production of chemical/acid tanks. Chopping boards, clad walls, barriers, battery boxes, etc. are made out of polypropylene sheets. They also play an important role in the prosthetic industry.

PP sheets are available in two grades, the rigid pp sheet in natural colors and the more flexible one available in multiple colors. Its low absorption qualities make it more stable and help in bacterial resistance. They can be easily deformed and shaped while they are lower in cost as compared to other similar materials. We offer a wide range of PP sheets all over India.

  • • Economical
  • • Lightweight
  • • Excellent chemical resistance
  • • Good insulating properties
  • • High stability
  • • Extremely low water absorption

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Thick Acrylic Sheets

Thick cast acrylic sheet is a high-quality sheet with amazing optical clarity and extremely high thermal stability. They are light in weight but no less in strength. They are commendable strong and rigid as glass but much lighter than it. It comes with a top gloss surface and suits multiple applications. It is resistant to wear and tear and thus can bear long term exposure to extreme conditions.

From store fixtures to attractive POP displays, thick acrylic sheets or thick plastic boards are used in plenty of industries where they are chosen based on their thickness, wideness, and longevity. The sheets can be customized best suiting the industry requirements. They can be cut to any size or punched with holes of multiple sizes. Aircraft manufacturing units use these sheets in jets and helicopters.

ASC offers the best of thick acrylic sheets that are crystal-clear and absolutely distortion-free. We bring a premium quality of thick cast sheets in the market at affordable prices and high tolerance. These sheets are available in different thicknesses, the thicker the better. We also provide the super thick sheets in our range, in transparent and translucent colors.

  • • High flexibility
  • • High rate expansion and contraction
  • • Excellent chemical and weather resistance
  • • Excellent insulator
  • • 92% light transmittance with great optical clarity
  • • Resists ultraviolet rays (UV Light)
  • • Shatter-resistant and earthquake safe
  • • Lightweight

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Multiwall Sheets

Multiwall sheets or multiwall polycarbonate sheets are unbreakable transparent sheets with 1.5 times thermal insulation than glass. It is the most versatile thermoplastic available in the market today. It is an ideal glazing material with a protective layer that guarantees high stability. It has a multi-walled design which makes it’s surface stable and makes it weathering-free.

Multiwall sheets provide high light transmission while still blocking harmful UV rays and are thus used as rooftops in places like greenhouses, solariums, etc. They are also used to make patio and pool covers. The superior qualities of these sheets make its use extensively in the commercial, industrial as well as residential areas.

ASC is a leading provider of good quality rooftop solutions made of multiwalled sheets cast in a flat or domed shape. We get the sheets designed in such a way that they are easy to clean and maintain when mounted in the domestic applications or even in the outdoor areas which are prone to harsh climatic conditions. Acrylic Sheets Company is the best choice for impact-resistant multiwall sheets. 

  • • Lightweight
  • • Extra thermal insulation
  • • Extremely durable
  • • Easy to Install
  • • Strong
  • • Ideal for outdoor applications or exposure to the sun

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Aluminium Composite Panel

An ACP or Aluminium Composite Panel is a multilayer panel composed of two layers of aluminium stuck on a plastic core. A polyethylene core is sandwiched between the aluminium skins sticking on either side with the help of strong adhesives and hence this is called a composite sheet. ACP is topped with a protective film. It is flexible in nature, hence bends, folds and shapes easily. 

ACP sheets are the latest technology material of the new age which is extensively used to build superb interiors and exteriors in building houses, offices, malls, and other sites. Designers love its flexibility as it allows larger pool of designs to be cast out of it. It can be used for multiple purposes like attractive false ceilings, partitions, and signage, etc. Wall claddings are also made of these sheets.

ASC (Acrylic Sheets Company) is a master in the field and offers a wide range of colors in aluminum composite panels which are durable, safe-to-use, easy maintenance and cost-effective solutions in the industry. There are a variety of finishes available including wood, stone, sand, 3D, etc. to cater to varied requirements in a creative industry like ours.

Features of ACP Panels:
  • • Great flexibility
  • • Freedom of design and color
  • • Lightweight
  • • Easy to install and work with
  • • Recyclable
  • • Chemical, UV, and Fungi resistant

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